Wild Rapid Dry or Wet Slide

High Heavy-duty puncture proof materials.
Dry or Water Slide

Wild Rapid Dry or Wet Slide

  • Inflated size: 25' wide x 16' long  x 18' High - Approx.

    Recommended 4 Kids at time.

    Maximum weight per rider: 150 lbs

    Space Required - 29' wide x 19' Long - 20' high

    $375.00 DRY - Until 6pm
    $425.00 WET - Until 6pm
    7pm +$10.00
    8pm +$20.00


    Overnight +$40.00 (Conditions apply*)

    Next day 4-5pm +$100.00 (Conditions apply*)

    WATER Requirements: an active water supply with a garden hose that will reach the location of the inflatable. (We do NOT provide water hose)