Kids Folding Chairs

Provide kids with seating that was specifically designed for them with our Kids Blue and Red Plastic Folding Chairs.

These chairs are constructed from durable, polypropylene plastic that has been contoured and textured specifically with young children in mind, proving a strong and safe, yet comfortable seat.


Kids Folding Chairs

  • REGULAR DELIVERY WITHIN 5 MILES FROM NEWARK NJ 07114 - $2.50 per extra miles+tolls - (Max 10-15 Miles from 07114)

    (No Setup/Carry inside thru stairs on tables and chairs) - Our delivery personal will stack them in a convenient location and pick them up from the same point. Most often this would be your front door or backyard with dolly access No Stairs/Steps

    FREE Delivery/Pickup with Any Inflatable 

    FREE Delivery/Pickup with TENT 

    Regular Delivery /Pickup Aproximated Time - $50.00

    Delivery /Pickup Specific DAY/Time - $99.99**