Brown Folding Chairs

These Brown Plastic Folding Chairs are the choice of many event planners, offer comfortable seating for weddings, family reunions, school functions or any event that requires a hassle-free setup. 


Manufactured using high-impact plastic and 18-gauge powder-coated metal frames, our brown plastic folding chairs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.


These chairs have a 300 lbs weight capacity.

Brown Folding Chairs

  • REGULAR DELIVERY WITHIN 5 MILES FROM NEWARK NJ 07114 - $2.50 per extra miles+tolls - (Max 10-15 Miles from 07114)

    (No Setup/Carry inside thru stairs on tables and chairs) - Our delivery personal will stack them in a convenient location and pick them up from the same point. Most often this would be your front door or backyard with dolly access No Stairs/Steps

    FREE Delivery/Pickup with Any Inflatable 

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    Regular Delivery /Pickup Aproximated Time - $50.00

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