Update: April, 30th 2021
We're still taking reservations online.
For booking please visit our website www.99infla.com/booking-online
THANK YOU, INFLA TEAM (973)388-4393 

INFLA Remains open and operating for Backyard parties and small events not open to the public, while increasing our safety protocols that align with the guidelines of the CDC.

Our employees are following the most aggressive safety precautions to ensure safety for all during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re continuing to make efforts to support our front-line teams. 

We understand how important it is that every bounce house we deliver needs to be clean and Sanitized, This is why we want to be detailed in explaining our cleaning process to assure you that renting a bounce house from us will be a safe experience:
We clean all dirt & grass with Vacuum and Simply Green Pro D.
Our next step is to use an EPA approved disinfectant for combatting Covid-19. The name of the disinfectant we use Theochem NUTRA-MAX Disinfectant Cleaner/Deodorize these product have demonstrated effectiveness against viruses similar to 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-2019) which helps to eliminate 99.9% of germs. (Same used at Hospitals)  We spray this product to anywhere someone might have come in contact. This includes netting, pillars, floors, sliding surfaces, pop-up crawlers, steps, and handles.

According to the World Health Organization, Covid-19 may last on porous surfaces for periods up to 72hrs. While the majority of the virus is eliminated just by this waiting period, our cleaning procedures help eliminate germs . Additionally, nearly all our inflatables are rented only once a weekend with Saturday being a primary party day. We carry multiple quantities of inflatables to make sure we are only renting the safest inflatables available.

Terms & Conditions

Rental Agreement

We Do not Cover Public Parks and Open to public events.

We do not Cover NEW YORK.



We reserve the right to cancel any reservations due rain, thunderstorm or winds over 20-25miles from 7am to 10pm.

Deposit: A$25.00 Cash or Check Deposit-Cleaning Fee may be required at time of Delivery/Setup – Renter is Responsible for keeping the Unit Clean and Safe from damage.  The deposit is non refundable if Bounce /Food machine is returned Unclean. -$25.00 to $100.00 for Cleaning – $100.00 to $200.00 to repairs – $500.00 to $1500.00 If Unit is not Repairable, Lost or Stolen.


Delivery: We Charge $2.75 per each extra mile plus tolls.

                 Free Delivery/Setup within 10 miles from Newark, NJ 07105. Minimum $200.00 rental fee for delivery over 15 miles +plus delivery fee. Special Deliveries over 20 miles "may be" arrange for specials order over $400.00 +plus delivery fee. 

We Charge $2.75 per each extra mile plus tolls two ways, calculate from Bing/Google maps fast and easy way, from Newark, Nj - 07105. (Remember, Delivery with 20 miles from Newark 07105 required 80 miles driving, 2x Round trips Delivery and takedown - But we only charge one way extra miles)

We delivery and Setup prior your Party start time and up to one day before your event. Setup takes approximately 15mins. Make sure where you want the Bounce and if there is enough room, and you have a 110v Electrical Outlet within 100’ in work Condition. Payment: Payment at time of delivery, No exceptions. - Cash  - No Credit Cards / Check must have same addresses as the delivery.

Weather Police: No Refund after Delivery. In case of inclement weather Infla Bounce House must receive notification of cancellation of event within 24 hours before scheduled delivery time. If a customer is willing to take a chance on potential weather threats the delivery will be made at customer's own risk of limited use with the understanding the inflatable(s) cannot be operated during wind or thunder and will need to be shut down and clean the unit after use. - We reserve the right to cancel any reservations due to severe or imminent deterioration of weather conditions.

We reserve the right to cancel any reservations due rain, thunderstorm or winds over 20-25 miles from 7am to 10pm, bounce can be setup with light rain but cannot takedown under rain.

Early pickup may apply if there is 50% or more chance rain at pickup time, from 4pm to 10pm

Pickup time is approximate - Late pickup time after 7pm:$10.00 - after 8pm:$20.00 - After 9pm:$30.00


Release of Liability: Lessee shall pay for theft and/or damage of the inflatable while on their premises. Infla Bounce House, employees and agents are not responsible for any injury occurring to any person or persons in contact with the bounce house.

I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Infla Bounce House & Party Rental, their employees and subcontractors from any claims, damages, losses, injuries and expenses arising out of or resulting from participation in these activities. I further agree to release, acquit and covenant not to sue Lesser, employees, subcontractors, and volunteers for all actions, causes of action claims or damages, damages in law or remedies in equity of whatever kind, including the negligence of Lesser, employees, volunteers, subcontractors, or my family, myself, or my heirs, against Infla Bounce House heirs. The terms of this agreement shall continue and be in effect after the experience has ended.


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